What You Put in Your Body Affects Your Health Greatly

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What You Put in Your Body Affects Your Health Greatly

I have always been one of those people who could eat whatever they wanted and never gain weight, and due to that fact, I never used to put much thought into what I ate. When I started experiencing health problems, my doctor ordered some tests and found that I was experiencing anemia due to an iron-deficient diet. I am grateful I had this "wake up call" before I continued to eat a bad diet for the rest of my life, because I soon also realized my diet was lacking vitamins and minerals. I changed my eating habits and began to feel much better. I began juicing to take advantage of all of the vitamins and minerals in healthy, fresh juice. I have learned a lot about health during my commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle, so I decided to start a blog to share my health advice with the world!

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A Few Things To Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As a woman getting ready to start menopause, you have probably noticed some changes going on in your body and with your emotions. Your gynecologist may recommend you begin taking hormones to help with the transition and to keep things as close to normal as possible. Instead of taking chemical simulations of the hormones your body produces, ask your doctor about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Here are a few things you should know and discuss with your physician to be sure you get the best treatment possible.

Bioidentical Hormones

Although they are man-made, bioidentical hormones are created to have the exact same chemical composition as the ones your body produces, not simply made to simulate their actions. Your doctor should take a saliva swab to be tested to determine your own unique hormone composition. The results can be sent to a compounding pharmacy to create the therapy dosage you need. This way, you will get the correct amount of the hormones you are short of and won't get too much of any you are still producing in adequate quantities yourself.

Benefits of Bioidentcal Hormone Replacement

Part of menopause and the aging process is brought on by the natural reduction in the production of hormones in your body. Having these hormones replaced will alleviate many of the symptoms you are experiencing. This may include mood swings, hot flashes, low energy, and decreased libido. In addition, this therapy can also be used for dermatological issues. The proper amounts of hormones can help increase collagen production which will help keep your skin supple and thick so it does not tear easily. It may also reduce wrinkles, or at least prevent them from developing further.

Method of Administration

While it is possible to have hormone shots or take pills, bioidentical hormone replacement is done by inserting pellets under your skin. These pellets will dissolve slowly, as the hormones are needed. This will keep you from having to remember to take pills or shots regularly as the pellets will last much longer. In addition, the way the hormones are released into your body is steadier so you won't feel the ups and downs as they wear off before a new dose is needed.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is usually done in a dermatologist's office after the results of your saliva tests, once the pharmacy has created the pellets for you. You will find that you are feeling and behaving more like your old self quite quickly. As an added bonus, you will look that way, too. For more information about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, contact companies like Camelback Compounding Pharmacy.