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Three Eczema Triggers To Avoid

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that can be triggered by a variety of factors. If you suffer from eczema, you’ll need to avoid these triggers to keep your condition under control. Cold The arrival of cold winter weather may trigger your eczema, so it’s important to keep your skin warm. If your skin is exposed directly to the cold winds, your skin can be damaged, which breaks down the natural barriers and may trigger a flare up of eczema. The transition between cold outdoor weather and the warm heat inside your home or workplace also poses a shock to your skin’s barrier. To fend off an eczema flare up, cover as much of your skin as possible when you head outdoors. Remember to wear mittens, a scarf and a hat, even if you think you won’t need them. If your face is affected by eczema, consider wearing a balaclava and ski goggles to completely protect the skin of your face. Once you’re safely indoors, then you can remove your winter clothing. Rough Clothing Harsh or rough fabrics may irritate your skin and trigger a flare up of your eczema. Problematic fabrics include natural materials like wool, hemp, or linen as well as synthetic fabrics like polyester. You should also try to avoid denim that is very rough. Try to choose fabrics that are both smooth and breathable to avoid irritating your skin. The best fabric for people with eczema is 100% cotton. Try to find cotton clothing that has minimal or no seams, as the seams can also irritate your skin. Tags can also pose an irritant, so carefully remove them from your clothes. Stress Stress is another potential trigger for eczema symptoms. This is because, when you get stressed out, your immune system attempts to protect your skin. This immune response causes inflammation, and the inflammation irritates your skin enough to cause an eczema flare up. It’s hard to completely avoid stress, but you can help to keep your stress under control by using relaxing techniques like deep breathing or yoga. Fun exercises like going for a walk or playing team sports can also help you relax. If your eczema is a source of your stress, consider joining a support group for people with eczema. Avoiding eczema triggers can help you keep your condition under control. If avoiding triggers is not providing the relief you need, talk to your family doctor about additional treatment...

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Choosing The Right Headstone For Your Cemetery

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Choosing a headstone is part of planning a funeral for your loved one, and you may put a lot of thought and consideration into the one you select. As you search for the perfect way to honor your loved one’s memory, you’ll need to take into account the rules and regulations at the cemetery he or she will be buried in. Use this guide to ensure the right headstone for your loved one and the cemetery. Flat Markers Some cemeteries require the use of flat or bevel markers. They sit flat on the ground, making it easier for the grounds crew to cut the grass without having to steer around the headstones. While this does limit the options for the design of the headstone, you can still choose some custom options, such as engraving the stone with a personal message. Headstone Size You may find that there are size limitations on headstones at some cemeteries, which will mean that you are limited to certain styles. If you were hoping for a headstone with a statue or figurine as part of the monument, be sure to ask about any height requirements. Headstone Vases The cemetery you choose may have restrictions on laying wreaths or flowers on the gravesites. Be sure to ask whether or not this is acceptable. You may be able to have a vase added to the headstone, which can be used to hold bouquets of flowers. These may be preferred because the vases hold the flowers, preventing them from blowing away during windy weather. Family Headstones Should you choose a family headstone, you’ll want to speak with the cemetery about the way they arrange individuals in family plots. This is important because you’ll want the headstone to be engraved in the same order the coffins are laid to rest. Once you have confirmation from the cemetery on the burial order, you can have the headstone engraved with each family member’s name. Religious Requirements Cemeteries affiliated with a specific religion may have a requirement for all headstones to feature a symbol of the chosen religion, such as a cross or Star of David. Be sure you know what the religious requirements are before you have the headstone engraved so you can be sure it meets the cemetery’s requirements. Your funeral home director can help you to find the cemetery that meets your loved one’s needs. If you already have a cemetery picked out, the funeral director can also help you to choose an appropriate headstone. For more information, contact companies like Maurice Moore...

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Four Benefits Of Boarding Over Sitting For Kittens

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When you absolutely have to drag yourself away from your adorable new kitten, you may find yourself debating between hiring a sitter or a boarding facility for your tiny pet. Although sitters have their advantages, particularly for adult or semi-feral cats, kittens may benefit much more from staying in a kennel. These are four reasons why your kitten is better off under the watchful eye of pet boarding professionals.  Socializing Your Young Cat Like puppies or even human children, the amount of socialization a kitten receives may play a major role in its personality later on. Kittens that are not exposed to many humans may grow up to be fearful or isolated cats, uninterested in the company of the people around them. By boarding your cat, you will expose it to multiple friendly, animal-loving people who can help your pet associate humans with positive experiences.   Getting Your Pet Used to Kennels Similarly, cats that are boarded while young often have an easier time staying in kennels as adults. The first year of your cat’s life is a constant learning process, reinforcing what is frightening and what is normal. If you can convince your kitten that staying at a boarding facility is normal, future stays or overnight vet visits will be a less traumatic event. This can prove to be especially invaluable if your adult cat ever needs to recover from surgery, which a pet sitter cannot help prepare for.  Keeping Your Kitten Under Supervision By now, you are probably familiar with the carnage an unsupervised kitten can cause in its own home. Unless you hire an in-home sitter, even the most dedicated pet sitter will probably only be able to spare a few hours a day to actively watch your pet. During the rest of the day and night, there are curtains to be climbed, cupboards to be opened and furniture to scratch. Some of these antics may even put your kitten at risk of an accident with no one home to notice. Kennels provide a safe, structured environment to guarantee that cats have fun in a less destructive manner.  Ensuring Safe and Responsible Care Many pet owners worry about entrusting their home and kitten to a pet sitter, worrying about accountability and responsibility. Boarding facilities are licensed and dependent on excellent service for their reputation, meaning you can rest assured knowing your kitten is in good hands. This also allows you to lock up your home before you go without worrying about lost keys or a forgetful sitter. Start researching pet boarding services like All Pets Hospital Ltd in your area to find the kennel that is right for your...

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Newly Diagnosed With Grand Mal Seizures? Two Tips To Help You Stay Safe

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have been diagnosed with grand mal seizures, you need to take some steps to help you stay safe while you are having a seizure. This is especially true if you have seizures that are not completely controlled by medications. Below are two things you should consider doing. Use a Seizure Response Dog When you have a seizure and it is in public this is a very dangerous situation for you to be in. To help in a situation like this, you can get a seizure response dog. This type of dog is trained do certain tasks while you are having a seizure and after the seizure is over. This may include rolling you over on your side to keep your airway open, alerting other people by barking, blocking you from intersections and stairs, and helping you rise to a standing position when the seizure is over. The dog may lay on your or next to you to provide you with comfort during the seizure. No breed is better than another when it comes to a seizure response dog. If you already have a dog, it may be able to be trained to do this. The trainer will know within a day or two if it has this ability. If not, they will train a dog that will work better for you. If you hire a trainer, it is important that they are experienced in training seizure response dogs to ensure your dog will keep you safe.   Make Your House Safer You need to make some changes to your home to keep you safer during a seizure. If you have rooms in your home that have hardwood or tile floors, consider carpeting these rooms, as it would be safer for you to fall on carpet than a hard surface. Of course, carpet would not work well in a kitchen but you could put throw rugs on the floor. Because you may not have controlled seizures, you should never be left alone in the room while there is a fire going even if there is a screen. If you use a space heater in your home, make sure the one that you have cannot be tipped over. If you have young children, block stairs with a safety gate. Put a safety gate for any room you do not want them to have access to in case you have a seizure when you are alone with...

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Tips For Dealing With Allergy Symptoms

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Many people go throughout their entire lives without ever experiencing any type of allergy. However, many people that reach their middle-aged years that have never had troubles with allergies suddenly develop them. Allergists and other medical experts are not sure why some people develop allergies suddenly after living half their lives without them. If you have suddenly started experiencing the aggravating, annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies, follow these tips for relieving your symptoms. Learn The Allergen Your Immune System Suddenly Dislikes A visit to an allergist can help you learn which allergen or allergens you have suddenly become allergic to. When you know what you are allergic to, you have better chances of steering clear of it. However, bear in mind that many allergens involved in seasonal allergies are everywhere outdoors. Some allergens are only high in the air during certain seasons as well. An allergist can determine through a series of tests which type of allergen bothers you and he or she will tell you in what season it is most prevalent. Avoiding outdoor activities during the time your allergens are at their highest level can help you avoid the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Steaming Hot Showers Can Soothe Allergy Symptoms Taking a hot, steaming shower can do wonders for opening up your nose and sinus cavities. The steam can also help to sooth your throat if it is irritated from coughing or from sinus drainage. Bear in mind that if you cough up mucous while in a steaming shower, be sure to spit out. Steam works to loosen phlegm that can lead to respiratory viruses, so getting it out is a good thing. Before you step into a hot shower, be sure to close the door and windows so the steam will remain thick in your bathroom. Neti Pot Or Nasal Spray? If you have trouble using a neti pot, you should be sure to get nasal spray instead. Some nasal sprays contain only saline, the same solution used in neti pots, but other contain antihistamines that can provide greater relief for tough, unrelenting allergy symptoms. A neti pot involves you pouring saline water into your nose, a treatment many people have trouble doing. Your allergist can recommend the most effective nasal spray for your particular allergy symptoms. Dealing with the symptoms of seasonal allergies is no fun, especially when you have to be at work. By taking steps to control your symptoms, you can lead life without itchy eyes and a runny...

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Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And How You Can Use It To Beat Addiction

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Addiction is a troubling disease that millions of American struggle with every day. There are a variety of methods that you can use to combat its influence on your life, one of the most effective of which is cognitive behavioral therapy. This substance abuse treatment method can be learned at home and used to combat negative behavior patterns that lead to addiction. The Basics Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy operates on the idea that people’s behavior is controlled by subconscious behavioral patterns that can be changed over time. Though there is a physical aspect to addiction, many people who fall victim to addiction fall into negative patterns that reinforce their drug use. For example, they may drink alcohol to combat feelings of inferiority. Cognitive behavioral therapy breaks the pattern of abuse by identifying negative influences (such as those feelings of inferiority) and replacing them with positive beliefs and behaviors. It also teaches you more positive coping methods. Think of it as a “fake it until you make it,” as you surround yourself with positive thoughts and behaviors until they replace negative ones. Techniques You Can Use At Home Using cognitive behavioral techniques at home is relatively easy, but it requires diligence. Addiction will be flirting around the edges of your perception for a long time, but cognitive behavioral therapy techniques can help you push it away and eliminate the patterns of thinking that make you fall back into use. You can start by immediately writing down your feelings about your addiction and where it comes from, identifying problematic thinking patterns, and finding ways to combat them with positive statements. For example, if you use heroin to kill the pain of feeling “fat,” you can write down positive self-statements, such as “I am beautiful and perfect exactly the way I am.” You are basically trying to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and to make positive thoughts the preeminent ones in your mind. This must be done consciously throughout the day whenever you feel negative thoughts, especially negative thoughts related to your addiction. What will eventually happen is that your negative thoughts will disappear and get replaced by positive ones. Your mind will replace its need to use substances with the idea that it doesn’t need substances at all. If you used substances to self-medicate depression or other negative moments in life, your new mental patterns will cope with them in positive and drug-free ways. Using It When Relapse Threatens Cognitive behavioral therapy can also be used to help nip relapse in the bud before it throws you back into the cycle of abuse. Relapse occurs when your body craves your substance and when your mind falls back into the negative patterns of abuse that fueled your addiction. The best way to deal with a relapse with cognitive behavior therapy is to identify why you are feeling the urge to use. Are you feeling down or depressed and feel that your substance will help? Whatever the reason, identifying it can help you use the techniques described above to direct your mind away from using. Using these methods can help you relieve some of the pressures associated with drug use, but you should check into a rehab center to help beat your addiction. They will help you move through...

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Handling Your Skin Tags

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

No one has perfect skin. Look at your own up close and you are likely to see moles, freckles, pimples, and warts. In addition, you may notice protruding skin “flaps,” that are often located on your neck, under your arms, on your eyelids, and even close to your groin. Sometimes, you will have one or two, but some people have lots of them, even hundreds of them. They are common and not dangerous, but they are not attractive and can make you quite self-conscious. On rare occasions, they can grow to surprisingly large sizes if you ignore them. Recently, one famous dermatologist removed a huge skin tag from a patient who had ignored it until it was the size of a golf ball or larger and looked like cauliflower. If you notice even small skin tags on your body, you have several options to get rid of them. DIY Experts say that ignoring skin tags is the best method if they are not noticeable and are not uncomfortable. However, skin tags that are in places that experience friction, such as around your collar, can become inflamed. No matter how irritating these tags are, plucking them off can cause more damage than necessary. However, you can try several methods to get rid of tags that bother you. If you tie off your skin tag with string or dental floss, gradually tightening the string each day, you can sometimes cut off the blood supply, causing the skin tag to “die” and fall off. Some OTC freezing compounds may also work on your skin tags, but do not use them to get rid of tags near your eyes or other sensitive areas. Some people even swear by the effects of apple cider vinegar rubbed on the tags, which is an inexpensive and painless way to approach the problem.  Dermatologist If DIY does not work, or you have a particularly large skin tag, have your dermatologist remove them for you. Your doctor can get rid of the little ones with just a snip or two of the scissors without anesthesia. Cutting them at home can easily lead to an infection, however. Your doctor may also consider cauterizing them. If you are one of the unlucky folks who get hundreds of skin tags, the removal process may take several visits, and you might have to return once a year or so. Unfortunately, people prone to skin tags keep on getting new ones. Again, these growths are not dangerous, but if you let them grow for too long of a period, you will have to have a local anesthesia and simple surgery to remove them. Remember, if you are bothered by these growths, you don’t have to live with them....

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Contrasting Doctors Of Family Medicine And Doctors Of Internal Medicine

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When you are choosing a primary care doctor, you have a few choices on the table to choose from. For one, you can go with a family medicine doctor, also known as a general practitioner. On the other hand, you can choose a doctor of internal medicine. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages.  What to Expect with a Doctor of Family Medicine Doctors of family medicine are sometimes called general practitioners because they are like the utility player of the medical field. Instead of specializing in one gender, one area of the body, or one branch of medicine, they receive training that allows them to work with any person no matter their gender, age, or health problems. If you are married with a family, then a general practitioner should have a certain appeal in that you can have the same doctor for your whole family. There are some limitations to this broad approach in that you still want a gynecologist to help your wife with giving birth, and if someone in your family has a unique medical condition, then you will want to seek out the help of a specialist. On the other hand, for most illnesses and ailments that your family contends with, you should only have to go to your family doctor to get the care that you need.  What to Expect with a Doctor of Internal Medicine Doctors of internal medicine, who are sometimes referred to as internists, only treat adults. What this means in terms of medical treatment is that they will work with you as long as you fall within the range of an older adolescent to an elderly patient. Another difference between an internist and a general practitioner is that the internist will typically work out of a hospital; whereas, the general practitioner will often have their own practice outside of the hospital. Thus, the internist should be seen as part of a caregiving team who consults with and for other doctors in the hospital. Thus, if you think you might need help form a specialist, you should consider working with an internist first since they will likely have a working relationship with more specialists than a general practitioner.  Choosing a doctor to see to your needs, you need to look at more than convenience. If you have a strong relationship with a family doctor, then working with that doctor will probably be in your best interest. On the other hand, you should not let the convenience of working with one doctor for your whole family stop you from seeking care from a doctor who specializes in the types of health conditions that develop as you age. In other words, as an adult, it is okay to graduate from a family doctor to an adult doctor, like Harvey Harold E II MD...

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Understanding The Organic Label On Foods

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When you go to the grocery store, you might be looking out for organic groceries that you can buy and take home to your family. There are a large number of organic foods, and each organic food will be labeled a little differently depending on what it is. You should know what different organic labels to look out for and what they each mean. Organically Grown Crops When you are looking at fruits and vegetables, you might see the organic label on them. In order to be certified as organically grown crops, they have to have been grown from organic seeds and grown and managed in certain ways. Organically grown crops must have been grown on land that only uses synthetic substances, such as herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides, provided by organic standards. Many people believe organic food to be completely free of these substances, but that is not the case. The USDA maintains a list of what substances are and are not allowed to be used on organically grown crops.  Organically grown crops must also be grown in land that has adequate nutrients and has been properly cared for to prevent erosion and the existence of heavy metals. Certain standards of care for the soil must be met by doing things such as proper crop rotation.  Organically Certified Meat Dairy and Eggs In order for meat, dairy, and eggs to be organically certified, the animals must be fed organically grown crops throughout their life. Animals that provide for organic meat have to be free from any hormone treatments and medication, unless the animal has been sick. Feed additives must be kept to a minimum, and the animals must be raised in conditions that minimize stress and give the animal the freedom to move around.  100% Organic VS Made With Organic Ingredients There are a number of different organic labels on organic groceries that aren’t fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and eggs. When looking at labels of pre-packaged food, you might notice a “100% organic” sticker. This sticker means that all ingredients in the food item were grown and produced to organic standards. You might also see the label “made with organic ingredients.” This label is available on foods that have at least 70% organic ingredients in them, but is not fully organic.  When shopping for organic groceries, keep these labels in mind. They will help you buy the right organic food for you and your...

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What You Should Know About Colorectal Cancer

Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Have you been dealing with diarrhea for a long time and don’t know why it is not getting better? It is possible that colorectal cancer is the root of the problem, and you must be treated by a specialist as soon as possible if you don’t want it to spread. Colorectal cancer happens when an unusually high amount of cells begin to grow in the large intestine, which often stems from polyps being present in the inner lining of the colon for a long time. Take a look at this article to gain more insight about colorectal cancer and what might be done if you are diagnosed with it. Recognizing The Symptoms Losing blood through stool is one of the symptoms of colorectal cancer. You might end up being anemic from having a low red blood cell count. Although you have a problem with diarrhea, colorectal cancer can also cause you to become constipated or feel as though you are not relieved when you do have bowel movements. Another symptom of colorectal cancer is losing weight without exercising or dieting. A few of the other symptoms include dark stool, abdominal pain, and fatigue. Getting Diagnosed After questioning you about your medical history, you will likely have to undergo a procedure called a colonoscopy. During the procedure, a specialist will use a long tube to look inside of your colon for any abnormal cell growth that is present. The tube will be inserted through your rectum and has a tiny camera on it. If abnormal cells are found, the specialist will remove all or a portion of them for observation in a laboratory. He or she might also perform a DNA test of your stool to check from cell abnormalities. Undergoing Treatment Treating colorectal cancer can be done by undergoing surgery to remove the abnormal cells or polyps from your colon. It is also possible that you will have to undergo radiation therapy, which can kill cancerous cells by shrinking them. If any of the abnormal cells are still present after undergoing surgery and radiation therapy, you might need to undergo chemotherapy. Basically, chemotherapy is a process in which drugs are administered to destroy cells that divide fast, which can also lead to hair loss due to the healthy hair follicles dying as well. Make an appointment with a specialist like those found at SAH GLOBAL to find out if you have colorectal cancer so you can begin getting...

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How To Prevent Neck Pain While Using A Tablet Computer

Posted by on Apr 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you use tablet computers frequently, you increase your chance of neck pain. Tablets may free you from the constrains of a desk, but they present their own set of problems. Doctors refer to neck pain from tablet use as “iPad neck”, a term for the increase in neck injuries associated with mobile devices. Here are some ways to prevent neck pain from tablet computer use. Practice Proper Posture and Ergonomics Don’t be tempted to use the tablet in your lap such as in the old Apple iPad commercials. If you hold the tablet too low, it causes your neck to hunch forward, which places pressure on the tendons and spinal column. Invest in a tablet stand or case that allows you to change viewing levels. Make certain you aren’t having to bend your neck too far, and keep shoulders loose with elbows near the body. When you don’t have access to a case or stand, keep the tablet at a 30-70 degree angle to relieve neck tension. Buy a chair with lumbar support. If you have to use a regular chair, pace a support pillow on your back, and hold the tablet like a paperback book.A desk should be the same height as the elbow when you sit with feet flat on the floor. Use an External Keyboard Tablets aren’t the same as typewriters. Touch screens make long typing sessions much more difficult. Attach an external keyboard, preferably one with adjustable feet and a tray big enough to support the keyboard. A bluetooth (wireless) keyboard and mouse is even better. Wear a wrist guard to keep hands in a neutral position, and to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs from overexerting the wrist. Take Breaks Don’t attempt to write the world’s longest novel in one sitting. Regardless of whether you watch movies, type quarterly reports, or read on the tablet, take breaks. Walk around the room, and stretch while you wait for a download to finish. Make a habit of looking up while you wait for an email or text. Hold your arms straight out beside you, and circle them backward and forward several times to get the blood flowing. Lower the head, and lift it to reduce strain on the neck and shoulders. If taking breaks isn’t possible, choose an object a distance from you, and focus on it for several minutes. Using a tablet doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Be mindful of your limits. If you have neck pain that doesn’t go away, reach out to a group like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates for more...

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