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What Makes An Ayurvedic Practitioner Different?

There is no doubt that there have been great strides in medicine in the past century. However, that does not mean that the old medicines and treatments are bad or don’t work. In a world that has become used to getting everything “now,” modern medicine has had to keep up with the demands of the people. When patients demand to feel better immediately, doctors must use a way to treat the symptoms of a disease or disorder. This does not cure the patient, but at least he or she feels better. Unfortunately, once feeling better, the patient does not follow up with the doctor and therefore will never be truly healed. Here is a bit of information on how the Ayurvedic practitioner is different and what it means to you.

The Whole Being

The symptoms of a disease often involve more than just the physical discomfort. You may be emotionally distressed and also suffer cognitive problems too. In some cases, emotional issues may be causing some of the physical problems. While you could take a pain killer to suppress any physical pain, you are never going to be rid of the pain until you solve the emotional distress. This can also happen with your ability to think and function clearly and responsibly. The Ayurvedic practitioner will exam all aspects of your being, and work to get them all back in balance. Only when everything is in balance can true healing begin.

Lifestyle Changes

Once the practitioner finds the root of your problems, he or she will suggest lifestyle changes. Quite often, the problems within your body are caused by the way you treat it and how you live. Chronic, long-term diseases are often caused by how you have been living. Allopathic doctors (modern medical doctors) will prescribe medications or possibly surgeries to fix things. While this can be of great benefit in an emergency situation, it is not the best thing for the rest of your life. Consider metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that put you at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Your doctor may prescribe medications and suggest you make some lifestyle changes. As the medications take care of the conditions and reduce your risks for disease, you become complacent with lifestyle changes. The Ayurvedic practitioner works with you to make the changes, only resorting to medications in emergencies. You will not only reduce your risk of the diseases, but you will also feel better in many other ways.

Because people have depended on medications to take care of problems their body could handle on its own if treated right, it is important that you have your regular doctor and the Ayurvedic practitioner working together. This way, you will not feel and experience all the symptoms of the disease, but will also be working towards healing your whole being. 

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Three Eczema Triggers To Avoid

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that can be triggered by a variety of factors. If you suffer from eczema, you’ll need to avoid these triggers to keep your condition under control.


The arrival of cold winter weather may trigger your eczema, so it’s important to keep your skin warm. If your skin is exposed directly to the cold winds, your skin can be damaged, which breaks down the natural barriers and may trigger a flare up of eczema. The transition between cold outdoor weather and the warm heat inside your home or workplace also poses a shock to your skin’s barrier.

To fend off an eczema flare up, cover as much of your skin as possible when you head outdoors. Remember to wear mittens, a scarf and a hat, even if you think you won’t need them. If your face is affected by eczema, consider wearing a balaclava and ski goggles to completely protect the skin of your face. Once you’re safely indoors, then you can remove your winter clothing.

Rough Clothing

Harsh or rough fabrics may irritate your skin and trigger a flare up of your eczema. Problematic fabrics include natural materials like wool, hemp, or linen as well as synthetic fabrics like polyester. You should also try to avoid denim that is very rough.

Try to choose fabrics that are both smooth and breathable to avoid irritating your skin. The best fabric for people with eczema is 100% cotton. Try to find cotton clothing that has minimal or no seams, as the seams can also irritate your skin. Tags can also pose an irritant, so carefully remove them from your clothes.


Stress is another potential trigger for eczema symptoms. This is because, when you get stressed out, your immune system attempts to protect your skin. This immune response causes inflammation, and the inflammation irritates your skin enough to cause an eczema flare up.

It’s hard to completely avoid stress, but you can help to keep your stress under control by using relaxing techniques like deep breathing or yoga. Fun exercises like going for a walk or playing team sports can also help you relax. If your eczema is a source of your stress, consider joining a support group for people with eczema.

Avoiding eczema triggers can help you keep your condition under control. If avoiding triggers is not providing the relief you need, talk to your family doctor about additional treatment options.

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Choosing The Right Headstone For Your Cemetery

Choosing a headstone is part of planning a funeral for your loved one, and you may put a lot of thought and consideration into the one you select. As you search for the perfect way to honor your loved one’s memory, you’ll need to take into account the rules and regulations at the cemetery he or she will be buried in. Use this guide to ensure the right headstone for your loved one and the cemetery.

Flat Markers

Some cemeteries require the use of flat or bevel markers. They sit flat on the ground, making it easier for the grounds crew to cut the grass without having to steer around the headstones. While this does limit the options for the design of the headstone, you can still choose some custom options, such as engraving the stone with a personal message.

Headstone Size

You may find that there are size limitations on headstones at some cemeteries, which will mean that you are limited to certain styles. If you were hoping for a headstone with a statue or figurine as part of the monument, be sure to ask about any height requirements.

Headstone Vases

The cemetery you choose may have restrictions on laying wreaths or flowers on the gravesites. Be sure to ask whether or not this is acceptable. You may be able to have a vase added to the headstone, which can be used to hold bouquets of flowers. These may be preferred because the vases hold the flowers, preventing them from blowing away during windy weather.

Family Headstones

Should you choose a family headstone, you’ll want to speak with the cemetery about the way they arrange individuals in family plots. This is important because you’ll want the headstone to be engraved in the same order the coffins are laid to rest. Once you have confirmation from the cemetery on the burial order, you can have the headstone engraved with each family member’s name.

Religious Requirements

Cemeteries affiliated with a specific religion may have a requirement for all headstones to feature a symbol of the chosen religion, such as a cross or Star of David. Be sure you know what the religious requirements are before you have the headstone engraved so you can be sure it meets the cemetery’s requirements.

Your funeral home director can help you to find the cemetery that meets your loved one’s needs. If you already have a cemetery picked out, the funeral director can also help you to choose an appropriate headstone. For more information, contact companies like Maurice Moore Memorials.

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Make Sure Your Luggage Habits Don’t Send You To The Chiropractor

Traveling can be detrimental to your back health in a number of ways, since you’ll likely be crammed in a seat for long stretches of time and sleeping in a bed that might not be as comfortable at your bed at home. It’s important to also think about how you carry your luggage, especially when you’re traveling by air and can find yourself toting suitcases and other forms of luggage as you kill time in the airport. Improperly handling these items can put your back out of alignment and leave you scrambling to find a chiropractor for an adjustment when you reach your destination. Here are some good luggage habits to keep.

Alternate Shoulders When Carrying A Bag

If you’re the type of traveler who favors carrying a tote bag over one shoulder with the strap across your body, you want to minimize the risk of this bag causing harm to your back. It has the potential to put your back out of alignment to the point that you need a chiropractic adjustment, given that the weight of the bag will be pulling on the strap on one of your shoulders. A simple way to lessen the risk of this causing back pain is to alternate shoulders at regular intervals. Doing so will put weight on each of your shoulders, which should hopefully keep your back in balance.

Take The Moving Sidewalk When You Can

Many airport travelers ride the moving sidewalk for fun or to save effort, but this method of getting across the terminal can also help to reduce your risk of back pain. When you’re lugging a rolling suitcase behind you, your back is slightly turned to the side on which you’re holding the suitcase handle. Over the course of a long period of time walking around the airport, this slightly turned position could potentially lead to pain — especially if it doesn’t take much for your back to get sore. When you use the moving sidewalk, you can set your suitcase in front of you and keep your body square.

Find And Use A Luggage Cart

If you’re able to find a luggage cart at the airport, you can use it to lessen the risk of sustaining a back injury that requires a chiropractic adjustment. You can pile each of your pieces of luggage onto the cart and push it; the pushing mechanics, provided your don’t strain yourself, are ideal because your back is square and you’re also using your lower-body muscles for power. This is better than, for example, pulling a rolling bag behind you and having a heavy bag draped over your shoulder.

If you do injure your back while traveling, contact a chiropractic clinic like Rockwood Chiropractic to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.

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Four Benefits Of Boarding Over Sitting For Kittens

When you absolutely have to drag yourself away from your adorable new kitten, you may find yourself debating between hiring a sitter or a boarding facility for your tiny pet. Although sitters have their advantages, particularly for adult or semi-feral cats, kittens may benefit much more from staying in a kennel. These are four reasons why your kitten is better off under the watchful eye of pet boarding professionals. 

Socializing Your Young Cat

Like puppies or even human children, the amount of socialization a kitten receives may play a major role in its personality later on. Kittens that are not exposed to many humans may grow up to be fearful or isolated cats, uninterested in the company of the people around them. By boarding your cat, you will expose it to multiple friendly, animal-loving people who can help your pet associate humans with positive experiences.  

Getting Your Pet Used to Kennels

Similarly, cats that are boarded while young often have an easier time staying in kennels as adults. The first year of your cat’s life is a constant learning process, reinforcing what is frightening and what is normal. If you can convince your kitten that staying at a boarding facility is normal, future stays or overnight vet visits will be a less traumatic event. This can prove to be especially invaluable if your adult cat ever needs to recover from surgery, which a pet sitter cannot help prepare for. 

Keeping Your Kitten Under Supervision

By now, you are probably familiar with the carnage an unsupervised kitten can cause in its own home. Unless you hire an in-home sitter, even the most dedicated pet sitter will probably only be able to spare a few hours a day to actively watch your pet. During the rest of the day and night, there are curtains to be climbed, cupboards to be opened and furniture to scratch. Some of these antics may even put your kitten at risk of an accident with no one home to notice. Kennels provide a safe, structured environment to guarantee that cats have fun in a less destructive manner. 

Ensuring Safe and Responsible Care

Many pet owners worry about entrusting their home and kitten to a pet sitter, worrying about accountability and responsibility. Boarding facilities are licensed and dependent on excellent service for their reputation, meaning you can rest assured knowing your kitten is in good hands. This also allows you to lock up your home before you go without worrying about lost keys or a forgetful sitter. Start researching pet boarding services like All Pets Hospital Ltd in your area to find the kennel that is right for your kitten. 

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Three Herbal Supplements That May Help Control Adult Asthma

If you suffer from asthma, it can be a difficult part of your daily life, especially when you have a sudden asthma attack. During these moments, it is usually best to use whatever medication your asthma doctor has prescribed for you. But in the long run, there are several herbal supplements that may help your asthma. The following are three herbs that many adults with asthma have found helpful.


Ginger is perhaps the most well known herbal supplement for treating asthma, and this is likely due to the anti-inflammatory effect it has on the body. It works by keeping your air passages from constricting. There are also other benefits to using ginger, such as its antioxidant proprieties, so it will contribute to your overall health. To get the full benefits of ginger, you should not buy it in a processed form. It is a root, so you should purchase it this way or as a powder with no additives. You can add small shavings to a soup or salad. Another idea is to add it to boiling water, then mix in honey or lemon to make a tea.


This is more of a spice than an herbal supplement. Although it is not used as much in western cooking, it is popular in many Asian dishes. Like ginger, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be a positive part of your diet to help with asthma. You can buy this spice in powder form and add it to many dishes. Some people like to use it in their scrambled eggs for breakfast, others add it to their favorite cooked vegetables or use it in soups. Perhaps the most popular way to use turmeric is with rice. Turmeric is also available in tablet form, but you should consult with your doctor before using it this way. The dosages are likely higher than you will get when using it as a spice.


This is also a popular treatment for long-term control of asthma. It works by helping to dilate your bronchial tubes, and this, in turn, helps reduce the chances of an asthma attack. It can be purchased as an extract or as a tablet. As an extract, you can use it in a beverage such as tea. If taken as a tablet, consult your doctor before using. Khella also has benefits associated with your heart. It is thought to help strengthen heart muscles.

Before you start taking any herbal supplement, especially in tablet form, always consult with your doctor. There can be conflicts with medication you are currently taking, and your doctor can also help you with dosage.

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