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Personalizing Your Dental Crown To Meet Your Personal Style Needs

Dental crowns are a common method for repairing badly damaged teeth. However, this method is generally done with a traditional tooth-colored crown. If you’re curious about other unique options, consider the following as some examples of crown options.

Alternative Materials

Your first style option is to choose an alternative material. Most dental crowns are a porcelain mixture, since this material is easy to manipulate. The dentist or lab can use this material to create a natural looking tooth in both color and texture.

However, when you want a different look, you should learn more about gold and silver crowns. These materials offer you a color scheme that may better match your own personal style.

Aside from the look, metal crowns are also a good choice if you grind your teeth. The metal can withstand the persistent pressure of you grinding your teeth over an extended period of time. Additionally, the metal will not crack easy, which is a common problem with a traditional ceramic crown.

Tattooed Crown

When you want a more creative choice, you can pick a porcelain crown that you tattoo. The tattooing process is done before the crown is put into place. A lab will place the design you choose onto the crown, which resembles the look of a tattoo.

Some dentists will offer this option, but may refer to it as coloring or imprinting, instead of tattooing. No matter the name, the concept and process is the same.

It is important to note that tattooing the dental crown will increase the cost and time it takes for the crown to be created. In many cases, the dentist will use a lab to handle the imprinting process, since it does require specialized equipment to handle this type of work.

However, if you choose this method, you want to pick a solid design, because the image will be very small. Images that typically work are solid shapes such as hearts, stars, letters and smiley faces to name a few.

Additionally, this design element does not harm the surface of the crown or weaken it. In most cases, the ink is layered onto the surface. The layering allows the lab to keep the integrity of the crown, while also allowing you to have the design you prefer.

When you are about to get a new dental crown, but you want to personalize it, you should look at all of your options. By taking the time to learn more, you can get the crown you need, but it will also suit your personal style at the same time. Learn more about your options through resources such as Red Cliffs Dental.

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Remembering Loved Ones With Dignity And Grace – A Guide To Choosing The Correct Urn

If you’ve been struggling with the tragedy of recently losing a family member or loved one, you know that there are a number of choices you have to make. If the deceased didn’t make plans for the care and handling of their final remains, choosing the vessel in which the remains will be contained can be difficult.

Following a cremation, you need to be able to select an urn that will meet your needs while also providing the deceased with the respect he or she deserves. Below, you’ll find a guide to selecting an urn for your recently deceased friends and family, providing you with the certainty of knowing they’ll be respected in death as in life.


When deciding on an urn, the first decision you need to make is where the urn will rest. In many cases, families choose to bury the remains of their loved ones in the urn they select. This will require you to purchase an urn made of a finished metal or a strong, long lasting wood.

If you’re going to be displaying the urn in your home, you may have more options. Plaster or ceramic urns can be purchased that will allow you to provide your loved one the proper respect while also integrating seamlessly into the design aesthetic of your home.


While many caskets will be able to accommodate the remains of individuals of various sizes, urns need to be more specifically tailored. If the deceased was a larger person, his or her remains will be of a greater volume and, as such, will require a larger receptacle. 

You should provide an estimate of the weight of the deceased to your cremation professionals when the procedure begins. This should also include the size or weight of any meaningful tokens that are also included in the cremation, allowing your cremation service to guide you toward an urn of appropriate size and volume.


You may want to memorialize your loved one with a specialized or customized urn. A photo of the deceased, a favorite writing, or another appropriate memento can be selected to be a permanent part of the memorial piece. You may also choose to purchase a dual or companion urn, allowing your final remains to also be disposed of in the same location as your loved one. This is often a popular selection for husbands and wives or other long term companions.

Contact a funeral home that offers cremation, such as Marine Park Funeral Home Inc, for more information.

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