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3 Activities To Make Caregiving More Positive

Caregiving, through places such as ComForcare Home Care – Valparaiso, is difficult even under the best of circumstances, and it can be a significant physical and emotional drain on both the caregiver and patient. One way to combat this feeling of exhaustion is to make the act of caregiving more comfortable for both yourself and the person you are taking care of. Oftentimes, there’s a noticeable feeling of comfort when we surround ourselves with activities that take some of the dull repetition away from a long, hard day.

An addition of activities that are pleasurable to both the caregiver and the patient can brighten the atmosphere and help improve the health and outlook of both parties. A positive outlook and atmosphere are both vital. If you’re looking for a few activity ideas to make caregiving a little more pleasurable and overall create a positive atmosphere, here are some ideas:

Card Games

Card games are perfect for people of all ages. Start with a game that’s simple and teach the person you’re taking care of how to play if they’re unfamiliar. Depending on their limitations, you may need to bend the rules a bit and help them figure out which cards to play or even hold their cards for them, but make sure to engage with them and let them make some of the decisions. The simple act of engaging and taking part in a bonding activity together can turn a dull afternoon into one that’s more enjoyable for both of you.

Interactive Game Shows

Television is typically the standard method of entertainment when it comes to taking care of a patient in their home, but interactive TV is sometimes more interesting for both the patient and caregiver. Get involved in whatever shows they enjoy watching, and if they are open to options, suggest watching some game shows together. Classic game shows and newer game shows can both become interactive by asking the person you’re caring for about who they think will win or if they know the answers to any of the questions. Get them involved. Let television become something you both look forward to and not something you want to fall asleep to.

Audio Books

Along the same line, audio books are a great way to keep both of you entertained and engaged. Pick out a few favorite books and listen to them together. Pick up an entire series and speculate about what you both think will happen next. Ask engaging questions to help keep the patient interested. Audio books are especially excellent for patients with limited mobility and vision issues.

With a little bit of creativity, it’s possible to come up with a myriad of activities that you and your patient can enjoy together that can turn a dull day of being a caregiver into one that’s more engaging and positive for both parties. Remember, a positive atmosphere is one that can be helpful in aiding both emotional and physical health. Come up with a few ideas and try them out. You’ll likely notice a difference right away.

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Suffering From Whiplash? Try These 3 Treatment Methods

Imagine driving down the road on your way to work when, all of a sudden, someone slams into you from behind. What’s the first thing that goes through your mind? For many, you are probably thinking what the heck just happened. It can take a bit for the pain to even set in for you to realize you are injured. Being hit from behind can end up leaving you with severe whiplash. If you find that your neck is in extreme pain, take the following steps to help promote the healing process.

Apply Ice to Your Neck

Immediately following your car accident, you are probably going to notice a significant amount of tension in your neck. The muscles tighten and clench together in ways you never thought possible. By applying ice to your neck, you can help the muscles to loosen up and reduce inflammation. Apply the pack for 20 minutes per hour for the first few hours.


With acupuncture, the doctor will insert tiny needles into specific spots on your skin. Acupuncture works to alleviate the aches and pains in your body, especially when dealing with severe pain in your neck from an accident or strain. It might take a few treatments for it to be successful and provide you with complete relief, but your pain will lessen with each visit.

Visit a Chiropractor

All too often, your neck ends up getting jolted in such a way that your spinal column can get knocked out of alignment. Whether you end up with a bulging disc or dislocated disc, you need to have a medical professional look at it for you. After an examination, the chiropractor can let you know what you need to do to treat your whiplash. For some, it might mean a series of adjustments to help get everything back in alignment.

You might need to undergo massage therapy in conjunction with your chiropractic treatments. Since everyone is different, you need to be evaluated to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Depending on the severity of your injuries, it might take quite some time to get your body back to feeling the way it should.

Accidents can happen at any point in time. If you find yourself the victim of whiplash, you need to get in to see someone from a company like Contino Chiropractic Center right away to get an idea of what you should be doing to treat your injuries.

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